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We specialize in serving documents relating to Tenant evictions. Tenants must first be served with the applicable 3, 5 or 7 day notice depending upon the action and type of residence. These notices may be served directly to the Tenant or posted to the main residence door. Although the Courts do not require service of notices by a licensed Process Server, many Landlords choose to allow us to serve these notices to avoid conflict.

After service of the applicable notice, Landlords may file for a Court hearing for eviction. The Courts have made this process fairly easy; required documents are available on line or at every local Justice Court and will result in a court hearing date being set quickly. Although you may want to get your case heard as soon as possible, it is in your best interest to ensure your court hearing is set at least 5-7 days from date of filing. This will allow for adequate time to elapse if documents are posted vs. individually served upon your Tenant(s). Typically, the Courts like to see at least five days mailing time from date of posting to hearing date.

We will serve your eviction documents immediately, provide you with a copy of your return of service and file the same with the applicable Court. Whether you have a single residence or multiple units at an apartment complex or mobile home park, we’re here to make this process an easy one. We offer discounts for services of notices/evictions at locations where multiple Tenants will be served; please contact us for pricing.




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What is a process server? A legal process server is an individual or business who provides personal delivery of legal documents such as
subpoenas, divorce papers, and foreclosure papers. Each state has process server laws governing the rules of service
of process in that state. The state where the service originates, is the state law that applies to that particular service of process.

The advantage of using a professional process serving company is that they are reliable, efficient, and can called give testimony by
affidavit that process service was delivered in accordance with the rules of service in that state.You should always use a process
server to deliver your summons, writ or complaint to prevent defendant's from escaping service.

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