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What is Process Service

Service of process is the legal delivery of court documents. These court documents are delivered by Certified Private Process Servers or Officers of the Court. The requirement to use Process Servers ensures documents are delivered to the correct person according to Arizona RcP, Rule 4.1, governing Service of Process. At AAA Legal Services, our Officers are trained to ensure compliance with statutes regarding service of process.

Each service performed includes multiple attempts, mileage, and a courtesy call to inform you the documents have been served. We will also file the return of service with the respective court within the metropolitan Phoenix area and send a courtesy copy to you. We will provide returns of service with notary at no charge for states requiring affidavits of service.

Our Services

  STANDARD PROCESS SERVICES - Maricopa County (call for additional requests)
  Notices, Terminations and Forcible Detainers (Eviction Notices), Summons & Complaints
  Documents requiring Personal Service (Restraining Orders, Subpoenas, Domestic, etc.)
  Filings of documents (per court)
  Postal Locates (search for current address from Post Office)
  Skip Locates

Prices may be negotiable based on circumstances and volume of service

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AAA Legal Services provides process services to Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Mesa,
Tempe, Glendale, Tucson, Flagstaff, Arizona and anywhere in the United States of America.

What is a process server? A legal process server is an individual or business who provides personal delivery of legal documents such as
subpoenas, divorce papers, and foreclosure papers. Each state has process server laws governing the rules of service
of process in that state. The state where the service originates, is the state law that applies to that particular service of process.

The advantage of using a professional process serving company is that they are reliable, efficient, and can called give testimony by
affidavit that process service was delivered in accordance with the rules of service in that state.You should always use a process
server to deliver your summons, writ or complaint to prevent defendant's from escaping service.

AAA Legal Services is a member of the NAPPS (the National Association of Process Servers), Our affilliation with NAPPS
shows our level of profesionalism in a process server, and the high standards we adhere to when serving process and delivering legal documents.